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Together in your medical journey

"The good doctor treats the disease, the great doctor treats the patient who has the disease" William Osler

How can we help you?

Any person and family diagnosed with a serious disease such as cancer or ALS faces severe psycho-physical discomfort and loneliness. We are here to support you along this medical journey and provide both detailed information and understanding.
We provide specialized care and treatment for the patient as a whole and not only for the specific disease.
Our mission is to offer a humane and holistic approach to your medical situation with the help of integrative and alternative medical therapies. The objective of the therapies is to help reduce the side effects of current medical therapies. Having fewer side effects will allow you to regain a psycho-physical balance and deal with the disease more comfortably. Our therapies provide extra help and often an extra chance to heal or alleviate the symptoms.
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Detailed information and medical guidance on the next steps along your medical journey, whether it's about the choice of a nursing clinic or home treatment.

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Specialized examinations

We provide virtual medical consultations with our integrative or alternative medicine specialists. Appointments can be made electronically upon receipt of informative consent and the details of your case.

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We are here to organize your medical exams and to clarify any questions you may have about the results. We can guide you with respect to any changes to supplementary therapies you may need following diagnostic tests and follow-up visits.

Asking for help is the first step to getting better

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